Auto Trader Review Setup Guide: Finding Leave Your Review Link

Locating Auto Trader Leave Review Link

Currently, Auto Trader does not offer a Leave Review function on their platform. This platform pulls ratings directly from Dealer Rater. If you are looking to have a good rating listed under your profile on Auto Trader, focus on getting good reviews and ratings on Dealer Rater.

All small businesses know that reviews are like Gold. But no one knows this better than high-volume dealerships. With people constantly flowing through the double doors, it is only a matter of time before one of them decides to leave a bad review. It is important to cover your bases by getting reviews on every channel available to your industry. For Auto Dealers you should be curating reviews on the following channels:

  • Google
  • Facebook
  • Auto Trader
  • Dealer Rater
  • Car Max

Accessing Your Dealer Rater Review Link

Dealer Rater Setup

Auto Trader Leave Review Setup 1

Auto Trader Leave Review Setup 2

Auto Trader Leave Review Setup 3

Our Review Request Platform on Reviews Up has made it extremely easy to send requests for Dealer Rater, Google, Facebook, and other custom platforms. We have also recently launched our own Review Channel, read the Press Release. If you want to make it very easy for your auto dealership customers to leave you public feedback where you want it, sign up for a trial of Reviews Up. You can start sending requests via local texting phone numbers immediately. Since more people read text messages than answer emails, you will have more customers who actually open the request. So you will have a higher percentage of customers who actually complete the goal of leaving a public review.

To learn how your business can start building a better reputation today.

Reviews Up is the world’s easiest platform for sending invites to customers to leave a review on hundreds of review sites and social platforms. Engage customers, motivate employees and inspire confidence in your business!

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