Why Employee Reviews Matter?

If you’re finding it difficult to hire, it’s not because your pay plan is too low, or because you’re not spending enough on a recruiting campaign. It’s because prospective employees are checking you out online… and they aren’t liking what they’re seeing.

Driving more positive employee reviews is the best hire you can make

It’s true, Employee reviews matter!

What do your employee reviews look like on IndeedGlassdoor… LinkedIn? Your reviews are signaling to candidates what they can expect. Will they be happy? Job happiness is the single biggest motivator for employment change. Show job seekers that you provide a great environment by asking your employees to leave anonymous reviews on key channels.

Find a technology partner that makes it easy to send invitations directly to your employees. With a simple click, they can be directed to the exact location to leave helpful feedback, and in minutes, their reviews are influencing job seekers to apply for your open jobs.

Take action today and engage your employees to get more job applications from quality candidates! This process is simple for HR directors and business owners if they have the right tools. The results are immediate and more impactful than any expensive recruitment ads. Improve your employee reviews today and get more candidates tomorrow!


The struggle for a better online reputation is real

You know how difficult it can be to find the best and brightest candidates for your open positions. If you can’t find employees, you can’t grow. You’re doing all the things you’ve been told will have an impact on hiring…posting on all the top job boards…hiring recruiting firms…running ads on billboards, tv, and radio…yet nothing seems to be working.

You’re stuck spinning your wheels and your company is falling behind when it could be growing by leaps and bounds. Yes, finding great candidates can be challenging. Before you spend another dime boosting a job post, running a recruitment ad or hiring a headhunter, fix the real reason you’re struggling to hire… your online reputation.


Company background check

Just as you would do with any key employee, your candidates are doing a background check on you. Before anyone fills out an application for an open position, they will undoubtedly look online to see what kind of workplace it is. They will want to know if there is a good company culture… if there is a maniac supervisor… if the benefits are solid… if the vending machine is always stocked with snacks. In short, they’ll want to make an informed decision on where they could potentially spend 40 or more hours a week for their foreseeable future! Who can blame them?


The grim reality of poor Employee reviews

Unless you’ve established a bulletproof process where your happy employees are given an easy pathway to leave a review, you’re likely suffering from a poor rating on all the major company review sites. Why? You know your employees are generally happy… and many have been there for a very long time. The reason? Content people aren’t generally motivated to leave a review organically. Yes, they will gladly leave a review if asked to do so, but they won’t usually make the effort to leave a review on their own. Meanwhile, that employee that was with you for 3 weeks, always showed up late, called out sick and was a poor worker will GLADLY take the time to leave you a horrible review after they leave. And they’ll be very thorough in why they didn’t last. See the problem? It’s a natural tendency for unhappy people to want to share their opinions far more often than happy people.

“ It’s a natural tendency for unhappy people to want to share their opinions far more often than happy people.”


Engage and connect with employees

Your current employees are the key to a successful HR effort. But you need to ask for their input. And you need to make it easy for them. In many cases, they wouldn’t even know where to start. What if you had a simple tool that you can use to quickly send an email to all of your happy employees with a link that takes them to your company page on all the top employer review sites?


Employee review platform to the rescue

Reviews Up is not only the easiest tool for you to get Customer reviews, it’s also the easiest tool to help you get more Employee reviews on the channels that matter.

Our Employee Review technology allows you to send a link to all the most popular job sites and company review sites in seconds. Or you can leave QR codes in break rooms, lunch areas, or hand out business cards with QR codes to new hires. Your employees can quickly leave authentic and anonymous reviews on what it’s like to work there. This feedback is critical in helping you attract new employees…in fact it’s more important than any ad, boosted post, or recruiter.

Your employees won’t have to figure out what sites to leave the reviews on…click the link, and leave the review. Their feedback is totally voluntary, completely anonymous, but absolutely critical to helping you attract and hire the best and brightest talent out there…the kind of people that value a good working environment…the one that you provide! Once the steady stream of authentic, reliable and relatable reviews comes rolling in, it’s like a turbo boost to your hiring efforts. Your job posts have a lot more impact…and you didn’t need any expensive recruiter or ad campaign to do it. Reviews Up will become your most important hire.

Having trouble hiring? Get your employee reviews fixed FAST with Reviews Up!

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