Google Leave Review Page Setup Guide

How To Generate A Google Leave Review Page

Looking for your businesses unique Google Leave Review page so that you can drive more customers to leave you positive feedback?

Your Google link will look something like this: PLACE ID

Creating Your Google Leave Review Link

Reviews Up has made it super simple to create your Google Leave Review page link URL. To get started click the button below.

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Google Leave Feedback Setup Guide

Top Uses For Your Google Leave Review Link

Now that you have generated your Google feedback link put it to good use.

  1. Direct customers right to your review form so can leave feedback in seconds
  2. Share via social, email or embed on your website
  3. Leverage 3rd party apps like Reviews Up to optimize and convert more customer reviews than ever before
  4. You can even shorten the link and add to print like the back of your business card
  5. And Remember you can create a unique Google feedback link for all of your locations

Authorization Method For Your Google My Business (GMB) Page

A Leave Review page link is a quick and easy way to drive more reviews, but you will gain a big advantage by CLAIMING your Google My Business Page. This will allow you to create more advanced ways of sending review invites to your customers, responding to their comments and gaining insight from data.

How To Claim Your GMB Page

Steps Required

  1. Go to
  2. Login using your a valid Google App or Gmail Account
  3. Select the add a new location option
  4. Search for your company location you want to access
  5. If the location is not claimed complete the verification process.
  6. If the location is already claimed request access from the owner.

Google Leave Feedback Setup Guide

Google Leave Feedback Setup Guide 3

10 Crazy Cool Features Of Google My Business (GMB)

  1. Posts – Add offer, event and product posts that are visible in organic web searches on your company
  2. Reviews – Curate and grow your reviews and customer feedback.
  3. Authorization – Give external apps and social media access to help expand your page
  4. Company Info – Update Hours and company details as it changes
  5. Messaging – Receive questions directly through your Google My Business page
  6. Photos – Upload relevant photos for of your products or services

To learn how your business can start building a better reputation today.

Reviews Up is the world’s easiest platform for sending invites to customers to leave a review on hundreds of review sites and social platforms. Engage customers, motivate employees and inspire confidence in your business!

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