Is Reputation Repair Possible?

So you have a few “bad” reviews…TIME TO PANIC!!! Search for: “Reputation Repair Company” STAT! Fork over HUGE fees for someone to “repair” your online reputation! Pay $1000, $2000, or MORE every year so they can “monitor” your online reputation! Problem solved!

Until it isn’t.

Is Reputation Repair Possible?

Here’s a fact…negative reviews CANNOT be magically removed. Yes, you can petition to social sites to have them investigated if they are malicious or fraudulent, but there’s no guarantee anything will happen. Not even if you’re paying some snake oil salesman to do it on your behalf.

Real Reviews Vs Snake Oil
Real Reviews Vs Snake Oil

There Are No Miracles

Before you spend your hard-earned money on these “Miracle Cures” know this…they aren’t removing your bad reviews. They are going to help you suppress them so they get pushed down the page. The VAST majority of online searchers do not go past page 1 in the search results. Their “cure” is nothing more than what you can do YOURSELF with a little help from technology.

Reviews Up helps you actively and passively get more high quality reviews for your business. We do all the same things these “Reputation Repair” companies do, for a fraction of the price.

What You Get

  • YOU get full control, YOU get to respond to all reviews right from a central dashboard
  • YOU can divert unhappy customers to leave offline feedback and funnel happy customers to public sites
  • YOU get custom QR codes to place ANYWHERE your customers gather
  • YOU can embed invitation snippets into your company emails and text
  • You get all of this and plans starting under $30 bucks


No Time To Panic

So before you hit the panic button and fall for the “Magic Reputation Elixir” give Reviews Up a try. With a free 5 day trial, there’s no risk. Cancel anytime.

Reviews Up… Reputation Repair without the inflated hype or inflated cost.

Reviews Up is a simple, lite reputation tool that Business Owners and their employees can use to easily send reviews to their customers. The tool offers the ability to send Review Requests through Text Message or Email, and tracking to see which employees are sending the most requests. Use Reviews Up to help your customers quickly and easily leave public reviews for your business on the platform you want to highlight, wether it be Facebook or Google, or a custom review platform of your choosing. Sign up today and Get Reviews Up.

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