Amazing Tips For Improving Your Bank Reputation

Three Must Know Tips For Improving Your Bank Reputation In Less Than 30 Days

Most bank’s have the word TRUST right in their name, yet make no effort to display any concept of trust that is reflected in their online reputation and reviews.  In fact, bank’s are notoriously disconnected from active reputation management compared to other industries.

Restaurants and hotels are among the most engaged when it comes to their online reviews, and their average sale is far less significant than a loan product at any bank.

Most bank managers simply choose to put their heads in the sand and think that somehow reviews don’t matter to their industry.  Yet, a lifetime of training in making decisions based on the opinions of others says something different.  So let’s get started and Build UP your bank reputation today!

Where could reputation be more important than in banking?

Metrics Matter

When looking at your bank’s online reputation, first look at all the major channels like Google, Facebook, and others.  Pay close attention to the following three key metrics:
  • Quality
  • Volume
  • Recency


You may see that a branch has a 5.0 overall rating!  That’s good news!  The bad news is that it has only 1 review.  And it was from 3 years ago.
The Reality
It’s more likely that your branches are showing lower scores or no reviews at all.  Or you may have one branch doing a great job, with lots of reviews and good ratings, but your other branches are not doing anything and are bringing down your bank’s prestige with their apathetic attitude towards online reviews. High quality reviews will help your bank reputation.



Your potential customers aren’t lazy, and they aren’t naïve.  Low review volume says that you don’t have an effective strategy to engage with your customers and build a solid bank reputation.

We have both active and passive tools to help you maximize your customer interactions with direct invite text messaging (SMS), CRM email integrations, QR codes, website marketing widgets, company reputation dashboard and so much more.



Old reviews are given far less consideration than a large volume of recent, high quality reviews.  Unless you have a dedicated staff that is capable of asking customers for reviews, helping them figure out how to leave reviews, and assume that they will even bother to do so, you need help.

Reviews Up makes it easy to drive more new reviews by helping you invite your happy customers to leave reviews on the channels that matter to you.  It makes the process easy for them to leave a verified review also.  Recent high quality reviews are great for your Bank’s marketing initiatives.  Use in social media, print, digital advertising, email and more.  Market great reviews to show others what a great job you’re doing!


Get Started Building Your Bank’s Reputation Today

Taking out a loan or line of credit is a big decision for your customers…and you may not even know how many opportunities you’re missing out on because of neglected reputation.  Take control of your reviews today with the help of Reviews Up, and see more loan applications and deposit accounts tomorrow!
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