Awesome Reviews WordPress Plugin

Quickly Add 25 Dazzling Reviews To Your WordPress Site

Learn how to add reviews to your WordPress website in minutes with three easy-to-use Reviews Up review widgets. Floating, Stack and Horizontal widgets are available.

Awesome Reviews WordPress Plugin Is A Powerful Marketing Tool

In addition to our standard javascript reviews widgets Reviews Up has made it even easier to add Reviews to your WordPress website(s). Immediately benefit and start showcasing curated customer feedback from Google, Facebook, UP and more. The Reviews Up WordPress plugin allows you to add reviews to virtually any part of your website.

Not All Widgets Are Created The Same

  • Floating – Locked to Bottom Left or Right
  • Stack – Full page with Overview
  • Horizontal – Sliding horizontal Widget
  • Gallery – Elegant tiles – Coming Soon

We Strongly Suggest Adding All Three Reviews Up Widgets

A little about our widgets and why you will want to add them all to your Word Press site to supercharge a savvy reputation strategy. This awesome reviews WordPress plugin can be completely customized to your needs.

Floating Widget

This review widget can be set to float on the bottom left or right of your WordPress site. It can be used to highlight your cumulative review rating across major channels or you can link to a custom review page or to the Reviews Up company page.

Floating Reviews Up Widget

Stack Widget

This review widget can be embedded on a full page and showcase your full reputation. This awesome reviews WordPress plugin can be customized to become your reputation headquarters.

Vertical Stack Reviews Up Widget

Horizontal Widget

This review widget is best used on home page or footer area. Easily showcase your best reviews and let customers slide-through. Can be set to display one-to-many reviews and even even advanced filtering like minimum review rating.

Horizontal Sliding Reviews Up Widget

Gallery Widget

This new elegant tile format will soon to become and instant favorite


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