Missing Out On 50% of Your Business Review Opportunities?

You’ve finally decided to make an effort to stop missing REVIEW OPPORTUNITIES.  It’s time to cultivate more reviews and Build Up your business reputation.  Great work!  Your business is getting reviews on Google and Facebook.

That’s good news!  Here’s the bad news… you’re likely leaving a TON of valuable feedback and public review opportunity on the table.  Yes it’s true that lots of your customers use Facebook.  And lots of your customers have a Google account.


Here’s the bad news… you’re likely leaving a TON of valuable feedback and public review opportunity on the table.

But there’s actually a massive amount of people who have NEITHER.  I know it seems strange to imagine, but there are millions of potential reviews lost every day simply because your customers don’t have a good option to leave a review.

Make it easy for your customer

The quickest way to ensure that you won’t get many reviews is to leave it up to chance.  You need the equivalent of 3 consecutive miracles to get a customer to leave a good review on their own.  First, you have to impress them.  I mean, REALLY impress them with your product or service.  Next, you have to hope they have a Google or Facebook account, because you can’t leave a review on either platform without one.

Finally, you have to hope and pray that they even know how to leave a review, or have the time to do it!  If you’re keeping track, that’s a whole lot of hoops for your customer to jump through just to leave you a good review! To get a Jaw-dropping positive company rating you can’t miss out on 1/2 of your review opportunities.

Give them an EASY third option

Rather than hope that your customer has a Google or Facebook account, give them an easy third option.  Reputation platforms like Reviews Up provide a simple path to acquiring public reviews on our proprietary channel, without the burden of logging into an account.  It’s an easy and secure way to generate twice the volume of reviews from just Google and Facebook alone.

Here’s the scoop on review opportunities

Providing an open channel like Reviews Up has so many benefits. Users can quickly leave a review with any working email address.  The comments are approved and verified by the party that left them, so no harmful spam.  AI processes block any traffic from trolls, bots, or other rogue marketers that commonly invade the comments on other social media platforms.  (We’ve all seen those strange “make $4000 a week from home” spam comments).  Review content is then normalized for better display.  Common typos are fixed, and then text styling is applied.  So NO MORE ALL CAPS in the reviews!  Plus, unlike those unhelpful blank reviews, users must enter 50 characters, so the feedback is much more valuable to future customers.

So where do these third option reviews go?

Good question!  Once verified, all public reviews gathered by Reviews Up are instantly posted your own website via embedded widgets.  This means future potential customers visiting your site will see the feedback left by prior happy customers.  This reinforces any reviews seen on Google or Facebook, or any other connected channel.  It’s the most powerful impression you can make at the moment of decision.  Think about it this way…for almost every purchase decision, comparisons are made.  It’s you versus your competitor.  Last chance to make the case for why you are the better option.  Why not let your customers be your evangelists?  Reviews Up posts all helpful reviews from across all channels, including that great third option, directly in front of your customer…automatically.  No need to manually update content.  New reviews come in from any channel, and new reviews get posted on your website.  You choose where you want them displayed…as a small floating widget…scrolling on the site footer, on a dedicated page, or all 3!

Now you’re ready

Now that you’ve seen the importance of giving your customer an easy third option and not losing genuine review opportunities, what are you waiting for?  Don’t miss another opportunity to gain the helpful reputation boost you deserve.  For less than the price of a few online ad impressions, you can add a powerful tool to your arsenal that has measurable impact on the future of your business.  Get started today with the help of Reviews Up.
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