5 EASY Ways to get MORE Reviews for your Business

Learn the 5 easy ways to get more reviews for your business. You’d love to have more reviews for your business.  You know how important they are in growing your market share, and revenue opportunities.  You run a good company, take great care of your customers, and hope that the reviews will magically appear.  Only, they don’t.  Even though your customers LOVE your products and services, they don’t voluntarily leave reviews.

Fact: Even though your customers LOVE your products and services, they won’t voluntarily leave reviews.

Why?  Simple.  It’s a cumbersome process.  They don’t want to be bothered opening a browser, looking for your business on some platform, then typing up something thoughtful.  It’s just not that important to them.  But it is VITAL for you.  So what’s the solution to get more reviews?  Glad you asked.

Here are 5 simple ways to get more reviews from happy customers

Make it EASY with QR Codes

Everyone knows how to scan a QR code these days. In fact, the native camera on any smartphone has a QR reader built in!  No need for special apps.  Reviews Up provides a QR generator and custom reputation page to send people too.  Put a simple QR code that links to that reputation page on everything.  Place it inside the check folder at restaurants.

Scan to Leave Review

Put it on small table tents or acrylic frames near points of sale.  Put it on wall posters in waiting areas.  Put it on stickers at sales desks.  Put it on packaging inside of product shipments.  The possibilities are endless.  SCAN ME TO LEAVE A REVIEW is an intriguing proposition, and just made the process a lot more painless for your customer.


Use Email Snippets

Your current and past customers are without question the most likely to leave you a review.  And also the most likely to leave a good one!  Reviews Up provides small code snippets that can easily be installed in your emails and link to your reputation page.  Just let the customers know that their feedback is a big help and all they need to do is click on the link to leave a review on the channels that matter to you.  Just be careful not to offer direct benefit like merchandise, or other incentives as it is in direct violation of Google’s policy on reviews.  You ARE allowed to ask for a review but the it needs to be above board for authenticity.


Use Your Website

Once you have some good reviews, it’s time to let everyone know!  Don’t just rely on those reviews being seen on their respective channels, you can bring them into your own website to further convince shoppers that they are in the right place!  By adding a simple “LEAVE REVIEW” button on that testimonial page, you now have yet another touch point for anyone to leave valuable feedback with just a click.

Another great option to get more reviews is to embed a reputation widget to highlight and promote your reviews.  Most widgets can be customized to meet your business needs.  Many widgets can also be installed to WordPress CRM frameworks using a WordPress Widget.


Social Media Matters

You likely have lots of positive comments on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other platforms. It’s great policy to engage with those users with a nice follow up comment, like: “Thanks for the comment! We appreciate your feedback!” But comments have a short shelf life and an actual review is much more beneficial to your overall reputation. The next time you reply to a comment, don’t miss that opportunity to get a review. Reply with: “Thanks for the feedback! We’d love to share your opinion with others, would you mind leaving us a review? Just click this link!” Again, providing an easy pathway to leave feedback is the key to better results.


Find a Technology Partner

While it is possible to bootstrap a plan using some combination of dedicated staff, CRM tools, and a bunch of 3rd party apps (like QR code generators), it’s far easier, more cost effective and more successful to partner with an expert with the technology and resources to maximize each of these steps outlined above.  Reviews Up provides turnkey solutions to optimize your invitation process for in-person, website and social media engagements.  Our widgets seamlessly work within the framework of your existing site to bring your great reviews to all visitors in a variety of ways.

The key takeaway here is – ASK OFTEN and MAKE IT EASY to GET MORE REVIEWS

Your happy customers are out there ready and willing to leave you some great reviews!  Don’t waste another day in turning your best customers into raving evangelists!
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