How QR Codes Help Reputation

Mr. Negative helps explain how QR Codes help power a strong reputation by driving more customer engagement and positive reviews for your business.

Engage Customers With A Touchless QR Code Experience!


How QR Codes Help Reputation


Get More QR Code Reviews

It sounds simple and is simple. Engage happy customers to get more reviews coming in.  It’s never been easier to passively ask for reviews with QR Codes.   Once setup QR Codes require zero resources and can have a dramatic impact with helping build your company reputation.


Touchless Experience

QR Codes have become more popular and heavily utilized since the Covid pandemic.  Most customers now know and understand what they are and how they are used.  Now is the perfect time to integrate QR Codes into your everyday business processes to drive feedback. QR Codes help reputation in so many ways.


One Code To Rule Them All

Your reputation is more than just your Google My Business reviews.  Your QR Code can drive customers directly to all your reputation channels.  Once scan and they can choose from several options to leave your business a review.  Remember, not all your customers use Google or Facebook and many prefer not to leave public reviews.  So make sure to give them options for leaving Public and Private reviews.  Ultimately, reviews help your business make changes to improve your customer experience.



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