Mr. Negative Really Exists

Mr. Negative loves leaving businesses bad reviews.  It really makes him happy.  Today’s online world is full of Mr. Negative and troll types. The unfortunate truth; these reviews will happen to your company. But there is good news. They won’t have a BIG impact if have you have a basic reputation strategy in place.

Don’t Let Mr. Negative Affect Your Business

4 Tips To Ensure Mr. Negative Doesn’t Hurt Your Reputation

Get More Reviews

It sounds simple and is simple. Engage customers to get more reviews coming in. Actively ask for reviews or passively accumulate with QR Codes, Widgets, Email Signature and more. More consistent reviews equals a higher rating which dramatically reduces the negative impact Mr. Negative has on your business.

Respond To Reviews

Stats show that over 50% of companies do not respond to positive or negative reviews. It’s good practice to respond to all reviews, but valid or non-valid negative reviews are even more important. Take a moment to reply and offer apologies or possible resolution. It is a great way to let other existing or potential customers see pleasing customers is a priority. You might even get lucky and have the negative review removed by the reviewer. Answering reviews also allows you to boost relevance to you reputation by adding important keywords (citations). So don’t be afraid to include the product or service the reviews is about.

Aggregate Your Reviews

Your reputation is more than just your Google My Business reviews. Today most companies are gathering reviews from social and reputation platforms as well as industry specific channels. Showcasing all reviews on your website or reputation page offers your companies true reputation and rating. It also offers a more balanced view of your business. Aggregating reviews is a great strategy that can be achieved quickly with reputation platform like Reviews Up.

Activate An Alternate Review Channel

Many of your customers do not have accounts with traditional reputation channels like Google, Facebook and Yelp. In order to leave a review on these channels, a user must have a valid account. That means over half of your total audience cannot leave you a digital review unless using an industry specific channel. With a main goal of every reputation strategy to get more reviews to increase rating and understand what customers like and don’t like, this poses a huge problem.

The good news there is a great solution. Activate a 3rd party channel to curate reviews. When actively or passively engaging customers offer an alternate option. This allows them to leave feedback if they don’t have a Google or Facebook account. Another scenario is that your customers do have a Google or FB account, but feel uncomfortable with privacy of leaving a public review that is associated to them. So offering a 3rd party option like UP allows customers to leave valid and verified reviews your company can use to boost its rating ad promote across its website and social channels. A powerful way to boost reputation and help reduce the impact of Mr. Negative.

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